As promised via my Facebook and Instagram posts, here is an explanation about how I made stitched vessels using my eco dyed scraps.

Eco dyed scraps by Rita Summers


scraps of fabric, yarn, threads and/or lace

soluble stabiliser, eg Solvy

sewing machine

machine sewing thread in desired colour

hoop designed for machine sewing


small bowl for mould


Place the outer section of the hoop on a flat surface with one square of stabiliser centred on top which has been cut larger than the hoop.

Scatter your scraps onto the stabiliser, snipping them into smaller pieces as you go. Leave some gaps to achieve a lacy effect.

Layering of stabiliser and scraps by Rita Summers

Then centre the second piece of stabiliser over everything, trimmed to the same size as the first piece. Secure the layers with the inner part of the hoop.

Layering of stabiliser and scraps by Rita Summers

Using your free motion or darning foot, and with the feed dogs down, machine stitch all over the surface, as close as you can get to the inner edge of the hoop. I did loops, swirls, stippling and spirals. The stitching should connect and cross over itself otherwise the scraps won’t hold together later. It can be very random and unplanned, which makes it fun!

Stitching the layers by Rita Summers

Next, remove the finished piece from the hoop and rinse it in cold water. It will feel soapy; you need this viscosity to help your vessel keep its shape, so only rinse it just enough for the stabiliser to disappear. Squeeze out the excess liquid and drape it (wrong side out) on the outside of a small bowl.

Shaping the stitched vessel by Rita Summers

Allow it to dry completely, then gently peel it off the bowl.

Your vessel is now complete!

Completed stitched vessel by Rita Summer 

Completed stitched vessel by Rita Summers


If you don’t have a suitable hoop, pin the layers together before stitching.

Alternative to using a hop by Rita Summers


  • Hi dear
    I will give it a try tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hope you are well.

  • wonderful! you did great getting close to the hoop!

    Doug Baulos
  • Thanks Rita. These are so intruiging and delightful. I’d wondered about the process. Thanks so much for sharing

    Life images bi jill
  • Love these Rita have made scarves prev a must try ,thank you.

  • Thank you Kate and Barb! I’ve not tried scarves with this technique (yet) but I have used it on journal covers in the past 🌸😊

    Rita Summers

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