vessels, cont.

Who knew that my decision to make vessels for an exhibition would morph into lockdown art? Not me!

vessels 1 by rita summers

And yet that is what it has become. A simple idea in response to a theme of ‘layers’ now chronicles my daily journey of trying to make sense of a worldwide crisis.

vessels 2 by rita summers

vessels 16 by rita summers

Fragility and strength are the 2 words that come to mind while I work. As I trap layers of eco dyed scrap materials between a stabiliser that ultimately dissolves, never to be seen again, I unconsciously make visual the cycle of loss, fragmentation and the threads that somehow hold us together.

vessels 4 by rita summers

vessels 5 by rita summers

vessels 6 by rita summers

vessels 10 by rita summers

In the process, I retrieve the disparate materials I discarded after completing other artworks, and I put them together again.

vessels 3 by rita summers

vessels 11 by rita summers

vessels 12 by rita summers

The vessels are becoming more random and less planned, reflecting the impossibility of my being able to control daily events beyond daily routine.

vessels 7 by rita summers

vessels 17 by rita summers

vessels 18 by rita summers

Fragments, scribbled stitch, odd shapes, dark lines, the seepage of light through the gaps - I am only now beginning to realise what it all means.

vessels 14 by rita summers

vessels 13 by rita summers

vessel 20 by rita summers

They are lost maps, fragile crucibles, the intangible becoming tangible. And I have no idea where this journey will lead me.

vessels 8 by rita summers

vessels 9 by rita summers

vessels 15 by rita summers

vessel 21 by rita summers

vessel 22 by rita summers



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