Couching is also a technique that features quite often in my slow stitching projects. Nothing to do with couches! Unless I’m sitting on one while working ...

This time, I randomly laid down some of the loose threads that I pulled from the torn edges of the fabric, and then tweaked them a bit. Pins helped to keep them in place (sort of).

couching by rita summers

It took me most of a day to stitch them down in between customers at the gallery, but I’m pleased with the effect!

couching by rita summers

I also found time to start quilting around the circles. These were appliquéd to the background layers the day before, using a traditional needle turn technique. (See previous blog post.)

I like the contrast between the red and grey!

applique by rita summers

 quilting by rita summers

quilting by rita summers


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Your hand work is inspirational. I also like the contrast of the reds you chose to accent the greys.

    Franki Kohler

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