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‪After a couple of weeks’ break the cauldrons are simmering again! In the pots: vintage slips, a linen dress and fabric (all vintage or upcycled). I layered each item with leaves gathered from our block plus rusty cans, nails etc.‬

Above: looking through the open door from my seat at the kitchen table towards my old brass pot on the stove and the vintage electric copper outside.

The electric copper still held some iron-rich water from the last dyeing session, so I just threw in the plant materials left over from layering in the dye bundles and some more water.

Inside my brass pot, you can just see the native cherry through the lid!

To find out what mordants (fixatives) I used and to see more photos, please visit my Facebook page here.


  • Thanks so much Helen – so glad you liked your order! 😊😊 We’ve had some rain and cooler weather so the danger has passed for the time being. Really appreciate your thoughts and prayers – Australia is really struggling with drought and its effects …

    Rita Summers
  • Just wanted to let you know I received my package today. Best money spent, ever. Don’t know why I haven’t ordered before. Definitely will again. Also I’ve been praying for all the people in Australia and have friends here, also praying. Sooooo sad! Be safe❤️❤️

    Helen salo

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