I actually don’t blush - my skin doesn’t show anything when I’m embarrassed!

Blush does show up in my eco dyeing though, and my latest avocado experiments proved that.

Avocado dyeing 1 by Rita Summers

I was hoping for pink as well but the pan with the avocado seeds boiled too fast when I wasn’t looking!

Initially I had mixed feelings about the results but after washing the items I realised that actually the colour was really pretty. The ‘blush’ description came from one of my social media followers and I decided to run with that.

I had 2 pots going - avocado skins were simmered ln the second one, which usually give a more terracotta colour.

However, I think I could describe all the results as a blush colour, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I’m growing to love them! I hope you do too.

Viscose/nylon cardigan, upcycled

Linen jacket, upcycled

Vintage table linen (plus the cotton string I used to tie the bundles for dyeing)


All of the items were dampened and then folded, twisted and tied using a Japanese shibori-style technique.

To make the dye, I used the same method as described in an earlier blog post. However, instead of premordanting the clothing etc, I added alum* to the dye liquid once it was strained out. I also didn’t peel the avocado seeds which might have affected the outcome.

Two other items (a top and a scarf) will need to be redone, but otherwise I’m pleased with how things turned out!

[*3 tspns of alum to the smaller pan and 4 to the larger one]


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