the making of mary mordaunt
the making of mary mordaunt
the making of mary mordaunt
the making of mary mordaunt
the making of mary mordaunt

the making of mary mordaunt

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NB - these items were made before I officially began the ‘torn’ collection but the techniques and ideas are connected; the jacket and dress are somewhat fragile so they would be great for occasional gentle wear or as a unique and stunning decor item for a sewing room or bedroom

To see a short video about this ensemble click here!

The Making of Mary Mordaunt

a ticking clock 
shreds time

my secret dreams 

my patience ripped 

can hope emerge 

or is this all there is

Mary Mordaunt was a young woman in the early 1900's who, like everyone, had hopes and dreams that she put on hold for family and financial reasons. She deeply wanted purpose in her life, beyond the usual daily routine activities. Sometimes the frustration became almost more than she could bear, and she would feel herself unravelling. Her dilemma is an age-old one, especially for women, even today. The vintage clothing I've repurposed, the torn silk, the rust - all these express in visual form who she was and how she felt. The vintage suitcase represents both her desire to travel and see the world, and her willingness to drop everything to be with those she loved, even if it meant putting her own wishes on hold. The shredded paper symbolizes Mary's feeling torn between her responsibilities and her dreams. Her story could be anyone's, including mine!

[Eco dyed and rust printed vintage clothing; eco dyed vintage and new silk; re-purposed and shredded book; eco dyed crochet; vintage leather suitcase and hanger; hand and machine stitched.]

Measurements available by request.

Please note that a different vintage hanger is included than shown in the photo/s, as the original hanger has been lost.