innocence lost - triptych
innocence lost - triptych
innocence lost - triptych
innocence lost - triptych

innocence lost - triptych

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the years 
imprint their shadows 
on my skin

inscribe themselves 
on memory 
like wounds

and so

they weave 
their tenuous threads 
through all my days

the fabric of 
my life forever 

Three dresses; three themes. Each section of the triptych is made from eco-dyed vintage linens and blanketing, and then printed and stitched to add texture and meaning. Each section also interprets one of three ideas (l-r): signs and symbols, diamonds and rust, and smoke and mirrors.

I love working with textiles, and more and more with natural dyes and hand stitching. For some time I have been developing a series of works entitled ‘written in the cloth’, and this entry is the eighth so far. The cloth tells its story without words, through the colours and textures incorporated within it.

[dresses - eco dyed vintage pillow cases and table napkins; background - eco dyed and hand stitched vintage blanket; found objects; oil stick rubbings; middle panel - bejewelled embellishment; machine and hand stitched]

Measurements available by request.