Intuitive Stitching - Week 5

Intuitive Stitching (includes Bonus Videos)

A few stitches at a time..

Week 5, Part 1 - Embellishments

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Scroll by Rita Summers

Week 5, Part 2 - Embellishments

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Scroll by Rita Summers

Notes - please read as a reminder of what you have seen in the video

Assessing your stash - this is a great excuse for a rummage! Pull out all those boxes and tins of bits and pieces you've been saving and/or collecting - if it's a while since you've looked at them you might be surprised at what you have. Are there some more unusual objects which you could include in your scroll? I don't mean only beads or buttons, although they are great and I use them often. Maybe there are things you never thought of using as embellishments!

Looking around you - often what other people consider to be rubbish are a goldmine for artists. I pick up things off the road all the time (I must admit I often walk with my head down in case I spot something unique that I can find a use for.) Maybe your rubbish dump has a shop where they sell bits and pieces that are too good to discard, or you have a local charity or junk shop that you can visit. Hardware shops are a great place to browse; also your husband's workshop (but that depends on what he is willing to let go of).

Try something different - sometimes it's only when you see an object that you suddenly see new possibilities. I love metal washers, but I don't want to buy new ones because I enjoy the serendipity of finding them at unexpected moments. For example, someone had spilt dozens of old washers in the dirt at our local tip shop so I dug some of them out, threading them onto a piece of wire so I wouldn't lose them.

Attachment - think of creative ways to attach your embellishments. Don't be limited by tradition. A button doesn't have to be sewn down just through the holes! You could also go from the holes to the outside of the button, as shown in video 5b. No holes? Randomly stitch over the object/s across and diagonally; this will add interesting texture and detail to your overall design.

Ideas on what to collect - ring pulls, broken jewellery, small shells or broken bits of shell, keys, broken pottery or porcelain, glass shards (sand any sharp edges), small buckles, hair slides, door escutcheons (small), curtain rings, small nails, little brackets, the metal strip on glad wrap or baking paper boxes, metal washers, etc. etc.

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