Intuitive Stitching - Week 1

Intuitive Stitching

A few stitches at a time..

Week 1, Part 1 - Introduction

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Scroll 1, detail 1 - by Rita Summers

Week 1, Part 2 - Introduction, cont.

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Notes - please read as not all this information is in the video

About your tutor - I am a designer, artist and teacher, living and working in rural northeast Tasmania, Australia. My heritage is Dutch; I was born in Canada but have lived here for many years. This is now my home! I have been stitching and making art for most of my life, and my work has been published internationally, featured in many exhibitions and won numerous awards. However, my main drivers are a love of creating, and developing opportunities to encourage others.

[B. Ed (Art major, distinction); Dip. Art Craft Design (Textiles)]

Course overviewthere will be 5 weekly lessons with videos and notes (I will send you the links via email), covering what you need to get started, to guide you into developing a daily stitching practice and ways of working intuitively. At the conclusion of the course, there will be 4 x Zoom sessions which will include stitchalongs (like an online sewing circle), Q & A, and show and tell. There will also be a Facebook group.

Gather your materialsselecting fabrics, types of threads, sewing tools, embellishments, types of embellishments, yarns (for couching); choose colours you love. Allow yourself to play.

A few stitches at a timerather than being concerned about deadlines and finishing your project, we will concentrate on doing a few stitches for a few minutes each day. Our aim is to enjoy the moment!

The right environmentI like to play music while I'm working. Music is a big part of my life and it helps me relax, be in the moment, and distracts me from my tinnitus (which is severe). Choose music you love, nothing too upbeat, sit comfortably at a table which is not too low or too high, and you will soon enter 'the zone'!

(c) Rita Summers

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