‘I am here’ workshop - part 3 - Composition

I Am Here

A celebration of being in one place.

Part 3 - Composition

Some things to try:

a. Cut out sections from your photocopied or sketched enlargements to use as templates. Arrange them on your prepared backgrounds as desired. Two or three shapes will probably be enough. Less is usually more!

b. Trace around the cut-out pieces very lightly with pencil as a guide for further drawing (eg with pencil, pastel or charcoal).

c. Use the shapes as templates for other papers which you can then collage onto the background. These can be recycled papers from old books, packaging, dockets and so on. Use thinned cellulose paste, PVA glue or a glue stick to hold them down.

d. Paint and/or tear the cut-out shapes themselves and collage them onto your background.

e. Cut, tear, scratch or sand the surface of your actual photograph/s and add them as collage. You can also add some more paint etc. as before, to help tie your composition together.

f. Take charcoal rubbings of different textures in and around your home and use them as collage. It is also recommended to seal them before use, as charcoal can smudge.

g. Stitch, cut and/or tear your soil painted samples to use as collage.

    Again, seal your completed layout with a natural fixative if you have used products for drawing etc. that will smudge .

    PVA glue is good for sealing your work if it is thinned down with water (half and half). It doesn’t smell, and it is archival.

    Shellac when mixed with methylated spirits is also a useful sealer, and gives an antique look.



    We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate in northern Tasmania. We would also like to pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.