‘I am here’ workshop - part 1 - Inspiration

I Am Here

A celebration of being in one place.

Part 1 - Inspiration

What to do:

a, Take photographs of your immediate surroundings (no more than 10 or 12).
Look for interesting details – shape, texture, line, colour.

b. Try both closeup and distant shots.

c, Print some photos as is (in colour or greyscale); also print some as enlargements (up to A4 size) in greyscale. Alternatively, make some rough sketches and enlargements – just minimal lines without too much detail.

    Some ideas:

    Chairback, curtain fabric, woodgrain, carpet, pottery, window, door, brickwork, pathway, tile, utensils, plants, leaves, horizon, fence line, bowl, tea or coffee cup, leaves, stones, feathers, woodgrain etc. Once you start looking you will notice more and more!

    More Inspiration


    Earthen Pigments by Sandy Webster

    Make Your Own Ink by Jason Logan

    Stitch Stories by Cas Holmes

    Sketchbook Explorations by Shelley Rhodes

    Connecting Design to Stitch by Sandra Meech

    YouTube (search by name):

    Dorothy Caldwell, Canadian artist

    Shelley Rhodes, UK artist

    Claire Benn, UK artist



    We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate in northern Tasmania. We would also like to pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.