Grounded Masterclass - Week 7

Grounded Masterclass - 2 videos plus notes

**connecting to your local environment by creating art from the earth itself**

Week 7, Part 1 - Where to go from here (a)

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Stitch by Rita Summers


Stitch Ideas

In this video, I've shared details of the artworks I've created, showing the stitches I've used and their variations and uses. Below is a list of the stitches featured, but please feel free to choose your own stitches and experiment with them also:
  • Running stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Fly stitch
  • Satin stitch
  • Seed stitch
  • French knots
Week 7, Part 2 - Where to go from here (b)
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By now I hope you have a lovely collection of earth painted, collaged and/or stitched artworks and samples! The question now is - what next? Too often, pieces done in workshops end up in a drawer or a cupboard, never to see the light of day again.

Your creations deserve to be seen. To help you bring your work into the daylight, here I share different ideas to finish and present your work. Whatever the size of your pieces, there is an interesting way that you can present them - either for your own enjoyment or to sell:

Framing - I am lucky to have found a good local framer who does a great job of mounting and framing my work at a very reasonable price. If you can, shop around as there is a vast difference in both price and quality of work. Try to find a happy medium.

Matt mounts - you can buy these online from a number of sources; you enter the size of your artwork and the software calculates the size of the cutout for you. Mine also came with an adhesive back. Search the internet to find the best option for you and where you live. I display them with a cellophane sleeve or wrap for protection.

Cards - use double-sided tape to easily attach small sample pieces to blank cards. Add different papers, handwritten or stamped text and other embellishments as desired.

Journal covers - I have some blank Moleskin journals which are used by artists for sketching. I often make removeable covers to fit; I find that they sell well.


Books - use double-sided tape to mount a series of smaller artworks as a visual record; add notes, titles and dates on each page for reference. You can either make a book or purchase a blank one as shown in the video.

Accordion books - see notes for Books, above.

Series - I often work in a series, and use various elements to tie the artworks together and give the cohesion. They are a great way to explore and develop ideas that arise as you work. When framing, I ask for the same frames and mounts even if the artworks are different sizes. They look great as a group, but they can also be displayed (and sold) separately.

Paper backing - I sometimes use khadi paper to mount artworks, especially when I want the raw edges to show. I use double-sided tape to attach them, and then write the title, date and my name underneath.

Art quilt - fuse a thin wadding to the back of a work, then lay it on a piece of cloth that is larger all around. Fold the edges of this backing cloth over the edges of the work and stitch it down by hand or machine.


About your tutor - I am a designer, artist and teacher, living and working in rural northeast Tasmania, Australia. My heritage is Dutch; I was born in Canada but have lived here for many years. This is now my home! I have been stitching and making art for most of my life, and my work has been published internationally, featured in many exhibitions and won numerous awards. However, my main drivers are a love of creating, and developing opportunities to encourage others.

[B. Ed (Art major, distinction); Dip. Art Craft Design (Textiles)]


The right environmentI like to play music while I'm working. Music is a big part of my life and it helps me relax, be in the moment, and distracts me from my tinnitus (which is severe). Choose music you love, nothing too upbeat, sit comfortably at a table which is not too low or too high, and you will soon enter 'the zone'!

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