Grounded Masterclass - Week 3

Grounded Masterclass - 2 videos plus notes

**connecting to your local environment by creating art from the earth itself**

Week 3, Part 1 - Creating backgrounds (a)

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1. Mix up 2-3 colours of earth paints (see Week 2).
2. Tape down a variety of papers* and fabrics for your backgrounds onto newspaper or other papers to protect your worksurface. I used invisible (magic) tape; painters tape would also work well.
3. Using a 1 inch paint brush or a foam brush, add paint to your background papers and fabrics as desired. I have them at landscape orientation but portrait is fine also. Try covering the whole background in a single colour or a variety of colours.
4. Paint a variety of shapes using various brushes and mark making tools onto some of the backgrounds (abstract or realistic).
5. Set aside to dry, still taped down.
6. Brush off any loose grains with your hands or a brush.
7. Seal the paper ONLY with your choice of sealer, ie matt medium, shellac or diluted PVA glue.
[*Including some fusible paper such as Vliesofix, on the smooth side only]

Week 3, Part 2 - Creating backgrounds (b)

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1.Using your freezer paper, cut out either a square or a strip to the desired size; make as many as you like!

2. Fold in half, then in half again twice or three times more. Make sure it is not too thick to cut into with your craft scissors.

3. Cut a curved outer edge if desired, then cut shapes through all the layers along all the edges. Don't cut right across or your shape will fall to pieces! Also be careful to leave an uncut gap between each cutout, as shown in the video.

4. Choose one of your prepared backgrounds and position a cut out shape on top, shiny side down. Cover with baking or parchment paper and iron with a hot iron (no steam) until adhered.

5. Using a brush, cover the stencil with paint in your choice of colours. You can use just one, or several colours.

6. Put aside to dry, then brush off any loose particles with your hands or a brush. Seal again (paper only).


About your tutor - I am a designer, artist and teacher, living and working in rural northeast Tasmania, Australia. My heritage is Dutch; I was born in Canada but have lived here for many years. This is now my home! I have been stitching and making art for most of my life, and my work has been published internationally, featured in many exhibitions and won numerous awards. However, my main drivers are a love of creating, and developing opportunities to encourage others.

[B. Ed (Art major, distinction); Dip. Art Craft Design (Textiles)]


The right environmentI like to play music while I'm working. Music is a big part of my life and it helps me relax, be in the moment, and distracts me from my tinnitus (which is severe). Choose music you love, nothing too upbeat, sit comfortably at a table which is not too low or too high, and you will soon enter 'the zone'!

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