Grounded Masterclass - Week 1

Grounded Masterclass - 2 videos and notes

**connecting to your local environment by creating art from the earth itself**

In this online masterclass, you will make paints from the earth around you and use it to take your work to another level of creativity and possibilities. It is a more in-depth workshop than the first one, to help you push the boundaries and explore new ideas. It is not necessary to have completed the first class to be part of this but I do recommend it if you want to pursue more experimentation with earth paints before or afterwards.

I look forward to working with you!

Week 1, Part 1 - Introduction

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Grounded Masterclass by Rita Summers
In this video, I welcome you to the course, tell you about my journey so far with earth paints and give a brief outline of what to expect. I also share some examples of the artworks I've made in preparation for this master class, to give a taste of what's to come.

Week 1, Part 2 - Materials

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Grounded Masterclass by Rita Summers

Notes list of materials as described in the video

Soil or soft rock* (about 1 cup each of 2 or three colours)

Mortar and pestle (or 2 large flat rocks)

Charcoal (optional)

Sieve (sifter)

Old teaspoon

Brushes in various sizes


Printer paper

Fabrics in cream, white or light shades (cotton and linen work well)

Fusible web with paper backing (eg. Matilda’s Own or Vliesofix)

Freezer paper

Lightweight fusible interfacing

Sewing supplies

Scissors (1 pair for cutting paper, and 1 pair for cloth)

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat (optional)

Variety of embroidery threads (stranded cottons, perle cotton, silk or wool)

Iron, ironing board (also baking paper to protect your iron)

Scraps of bubble wrap and tissue paper (to make textures)

Toothpicks and/or wooden skewers

Wine corks

Shellac flakes, methylated spirits (for sealing paper)

OR PVA glue OR matte medium

[*Collect earth from your local area, your own yard or ask friends to give you some from their garden.]

 NB – try to use materials that you already have rather than spend extra money on new materials. Of course, if you absolutely do need something that is not in your stash, please feel free to purchase it!

About your tutor - I am a designer, artist and teacher, living and working in rural northeast Tasmania, Australia. My heritage is Dutch; I was born in Canada but have lived here for many years. This is now my home! I have been stitching and making art for most of my life, and my work has been published internationally, featured in many exhibitions and won numerous awards. However, my main drivers are a love of creating, and developing opportunities to encourage others.

[B. Ed (Art major, distinction); Dip. Art Craft Design (Textiles)]


The right environmentI like to play music while I'm working. Music is a big part of my life and it helps me relax, be in the moment, and distracts me from my tinnitus (which is severe). Choose music you love, nothing too upbeat, sit comfortably at a table which is not too low or too high, and you will soon enter 'the zone'!

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